Orange Connecticut Lighted Tractor Parade

8th Annual Orange CT Lighted Tractor Parade

Saturday December 7, 2024

Rain date Sunday December 8, 2024

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Celebrate the season the first weekend in December with one of the most unique parades in Connecticut! The Orange Connecticut Lighted Tractor Parade is in it’s 8th year. Last year we had a record 68 tractors. Join us for a magical evening that will warm your heart and ignite your holiday spirit!

If you’d like to participate, keep reading below for our rules and meeting information.

The Rules

The following applies to all with no exceptions:

  • ALL Drivers must be at least 14 years old. (No exceptions.)
  • You are responsible for your own rig.
  • Do NOT throw ANYTHING from your tractor or float: candy, etc. NOTHING! (This is a safety hazard. We do not have street lights and do not want any kids to get hurt chasing give-a-ways.)
  • NO alcohol.
  • Tractor must be decorated and have Christmas lights.
  • Any tractor in the parade must park/ stay for a minimum of 1 hour.
  • Tractors only! (Or agriculture related, such as gators, etc.) No ATV’s, no, back-hoes etc.

Meeting Information

All tractors meet at Fred Wolfe Park no later than 4:00. (We advise you to be early.)

NO spectators at Fred Wolf Park

The Address: 300 Hollow Rd, Orange.

For people trailering their tractors, drop off is Fred Wolf Park. Truck and trailer parking is at the High Plains Community Center (525 Orange Center Road.). Park to the far right of the building, in the large open field UNDER the power lines.

There is a Driver’s meeting at Fred Wolf Park at the ‘burn barrel’ at 4:15. All drivers must be there for instructions.

Parade begins at 4:30-4:45.

We will go up Meetinghouse Lane and around the front of the green onto Orange Center Road, again driving at a slow parade speed for all spectators to view the decorated tractors. We will keep equal distance between all tractors, (which is approx. 25’-30’). We will hold parade speed all the way down Orange Center Road to Fairgrounds. Stay in line at the Fairgrounds and FOLLOW parking instructions by volunteers on the ground. (FOLLOW THE TRACTOR IN FRONT OF YOU UNELSS INSTRUCTED BY GROUND CREW TO DO OTHERWISE!) All tractors must stay for a minimum of 1 hour.

All drivers will abide by our volunteer help on the ground at Fred Wolf Park and at Fairgrounds. That means start when asked to start, keeping equal distance between tractor in front of you, and NO STOPPING during parade itself.

REMEMBER, we are here for the Christmas Spirit! Decorate with this in mind, have a ball from beginning to end, and let all the spectators enjoy the beauty of MANY, MANY lighted tractors! This parade brings smiles to all who come for the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting on the town green, and also to those who just like to see the decorated tractors. Have fun and we hope to see you there!

And last, a HUGE THANK YOU to all who participate! We realize this is a lot of work and we truly appreciate all who volunteer to take their time to decorate their tractors and show up with the Christmas Spirit! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! This is only possible because of YOU!!!

Merry Christmas!

Parade FAQs

The Parade begins between 4:30-4:45pm.

The best places to park near the green are the Congregational Church, Mary L. Tracy School, the Library, etc., but you need to get there early and plan on possibly being blocked in for a while.

Otherwise parking down at the fairgrounds, to the right of the High Plains Community Center, ‘under’ the powerlines is good. You can even park there and walk up to the green.

Tractor Parade History

2017We had a total of 15 tractors decorated. We met at the rear of HPCC parking lot. We drove a ‘parade route’ down Orange Center Rd. to the town green. All tractors parked right on green for the annual Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony. The decorated tractors were enjoyed by all who came for the Tree Lighting. (The weather was good. 😊)

2018We grew to 25 tractors and met again at the rear of HPCC parking lot. We did the same route down to the town green for the Annual Christmas Tree Lighting. Because we had more tractors we circled the green and parked around it on the road. 25 tractors was enough to light up the whole circle with Christmas Lights to add festivity to the annual Tree Lighting Ceremony. (The weather was cool with light rain.)

2019We grew again, to 30 tractors. This year we parked under the power lines at HPCC. We drove 2 parade laps around HPCC walking track then drove up to the green, circled it and drove back to the fairgrounds and parked. There were too many tractors to stay at the green for the Tree lighting. After the Tree Lighting many people walked or drove down to the fairgrounds to admire the festive tractor decorating all the drivers had done. (The weather was good. 😊)

2020Ahh, the ‘Covid’ year. We shrank a bit, but still had 20 decorated tractors show up. We parked along the road around HPPC and let people drive by so they didn’t have to get out of their cars. To our surprise, there was a solid 2 HOUR WAIT to drive by and enjoy the Tractor festivity! Orange Center Road was backed up all the way to Rt 1 and the other way past Old Grassy Hill Rd! All the spectators were so happy, and so appreciative of all the tractors being there. People thanked us over and over. Everyone really needed to get out and we were all so happy to be a part of it. 😊 (The weather was clear, but brutally cold and windy. The drivers were freezing! 😊)

2021Back on the grow! We had 47 beautifully decorated tractors show up! This year we met at Fred Wolf Park. We were escorted by the Orange Police Department and drove up Meetinghouse Lane, around front of green for everyone at the Tree Lighting to enjoy. We then continued down to fairgrounds and parked on fairgrounds for an hour for people to view. (The weather was perfect! 😊)

2022– 65 Tractors! WOW! The new route is working well, we met again at Fred Wolf Park. With our Assistant Chief of the OPD leading us, we drove down Meetinghouse Lane, did our slow parade route in front of the green before the Tree Lighting, then headed to fairgrounds. We parked on fairgrounds for an hour for anyone who wanted to view the decorated tractors while enjoying hot chocolate and cider. (The weather was perfect! 😊)

2023 Did not disappoint! We had 68 tractors, and of the 68, 40 had some kind of float behind them! So it was by far the longest lasting parade to date! Weather was chilly but beautiful!

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